Dana Webb

Dana Webb

Mountainsport Airguns Magazine

I really want to thank Al from Aeromagnum for allowing me some pellets to do some hunting with and giving me something to post about. I would have posted much sooner but have been so busy with work and preparation for the Extreme Benchrest 2016. Hope to have more soon.

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I’ve shot a bunch of different ammo out of the Slayer .357 from American Air Arms, but the Aero Magnums have always been the most consistent and accurate! I’ve hit rockchucks with it and been amazed at how well it expands and the wound channel it creates. Last week I had the opportunity to travel with my friend Justin from Utah Airguns and hunt wild pigs from a helicopter using your ammo. Justin brought down the first pig ever from a helicopter with an airgun using your ammo! The pilots response when he got back was, “I cannot believe the damage that gun was doing to those hogs.” I went up next and loaded in some more 127 grain aero magnums. Lined up for a good shot and literally dropped the hog on a dead run! Seriously impressed with the ammo you guys make!

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Thayne SimmonsSideShot Scope Cams

Hi Al,

First I noticed the clean precision of the slugs .Then feeling then I noticed the coating rolling them in my hand ,These are nice all over.Already did preliminary Chrony testing I’m getting 883 fps average, how does that compare to other guns?  I can go up or down a bit, but going up will bring me into 900’s and more flyers, lower they will drop more I think it’s a good speed for accuracy! That’s at 3000psi fill,when it stops raining around here I’ll do again at 2800psi I want to see what difference in 5 first shots is for deviation ,whichever is less is what I’ll do test 1st with .Oh by the way excellent packaging!

Tim SheaConsumer
We sent some of the  new 99-grain Baby Devastator hollow points down range today, and they performed very well! We were getting less than an inch at 50 yards, with a couple of groups somewhat smaller in Randy’s Bulldog did the best with them, we tried a few at 100. It shoots very flat to that distance, and I’d say sub-2-inch groups, and probably somewhat smaller, is well within possibility. It’s a great slug!
MikeField Tester

I just received my AAA Slayer a couple weeks ago. I asked Tom Costan (owner of American Air Arms) which ammo he recommended and he mentioned that the Aeromagnum Devastators 128.5 grain have done very well in the Slayer. So I bought a couple boxes and my first impression was “Wow!” They looked like hard cast and to the eye did not seem like airgun ammunition at all! They were packaged EXTREMELY well in a nice soft Styrofoam bullet tray and wrapped in plastic. I measured them with my digital calipers and EVERY one were spot on .3585. All of them were within 1 grain of specified weight with 90% being within .6 grains 🙂 🙂 🙂 There are several people getting MOA and even sub MOA out to 200 yards with the 128.5 grain Devastators out of the Slayer. And though I’m not as seasoned with the Slayer yet, I still managed to average 1.5″ to 2″ 100yd groupings at my local range with only a bi-pod. No bag rests or bench rest. I’m more than satisfied with these cast airgun slugs and would recommend Al Clarks Aeromagnum ammo to anyone who wants the best! Thank you Al Clark for bringing the Airgun community such a fine product!

Steve S.Aeromagnum Consumer

I have been receiving your ammo from Trenier Outdoors and your .3585 hollow point Devastator is by far the most accurate out of my Bulldog. Thanks for the care you take in insuring your product is not only right but the love you must have for the sport of big bore air gunning. I’ve only been into air gunning for about 2 years but like so many others have really fallen in love with the sport. Wishing you continued success in the manufacturing of the awesome product.

Craig S.Aeromagnum Consumer

Just received the shipment! They look like no other pellet I‘ve ever seen! The fit and finish are impeccable! Thank you for the targets, they will be put to good use, I assure you. If I can ever figure out how to edit videos, I’ll send you one highlighting your Devastators!
I look forward to trying the new magnums as well, thank you for that!
Take care Al, really appreciate you for taking the time to write me. You have a customer for life!

Jason CoxAeromagnum Consumer
Claudio Flores

Claudio Flores

Patagonia Airguns

Hello my name is Claudio Flores I live in Patagonia, Chile, I have fired air guns for over 15 years and I had the best weapons, but I do not want to tell you about the past, but about the present, my present is today. The world of the bigbores has changed 360 ° the vision I personally talk about my great rifle AAA Slayer 357. although my Slayer can do nothing without a great co-worker I speak of the Aeromagnum undoubtedly the best in ammo I have used can To have very effective shots to 250 meters to a can of Coca-Cola and the hunting of rabbits to 203 meters, in addition I had the opportunity to hunt many beavers and llamas here in the Patagonia. The aeromagnum have a superb C / B, I can certainly recommend Aeromagnum for your bigbore

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