Works well in any Airgun with a .257 barrel, especially the .257 A-F Condor conversions. We will soon be available exclusively through Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC.



Field Test Proven in the following:Hammer

  • .357 Benjamin Bulldog/.356
  • 9mm/.35 Ataman Type 2 M2R Carbine
  • .357 Sam Yang Recluse .357
  • This classic design may prove to do well in many other Big-bore Airguns.
  • See an example of how effective this classic design really is….some serious knock-down energy – Watch Video >>



The above has been Field Tested and proven to

Aeromagnum Devastator Hollow Point

work very well in the following Big-bore Airguns:
  1. Ataman M2R in 9mm

2. Benjamin Bulldog in .357

3. Sam Yang Recluse .357

4. American Air Arms Slayer .357

5. .357 Airforce Texan

And should also do well if you have a Big-bore Airgun with a 1-14 thru 1-26 twist rate, with like power.



The AM/SPARTAN/FN was designed specifically for use in the Evanix line of .45 Big-bore Tactical Airguns, its light weight provides a nice flat trajectory, the rounded nose provides for a smoother chamber, and its flat tip will provide great energy disbursement upon impacting intended target/game.


“West Coast Light”

This Aeromunition .45 round also works very well in the .45 Texan, and reaches intended target with minimal hold over! Our unique hollow-point cavity design, is sure to provide great energy disbursement upon initial impact and after penetration, the great hollow-point expansion will do the rest….providing devastating knock-down energy! It too will do very well in the Korean line of .45 Big-bore Airguns, and numerous others on the market.


“East Coast Heavy”

Works very well in the .45 TEXAN, especially at distances of 75-yards or less! In .458, works very well in any Korean made Sam Yang .45


Works well in all .50 Big-bore airguns.