Although the Spartan was designed for use in the Evanix line of big-bore .45 caliber airguns, there’s a chance that it may work in the .45 Airforce Texan as well.

We will soon test the Spartan in the .45 Airforce Texan, and if it proves to be accurate, it will make for an extremely flat trajectory, and increase your shot count….BONUS!


***Weights Will Vary


Many of you are already familiar with this very popular .257 projectile. Many of you also know, it works very well at long ranges in most .257 barrels with proper twist rates….and especially well in the custom T.J. Liner A-F Condor conversions.

Well, we decided to make it even more effective for use in Big-bore Airguns, and took the liberty of increasing its knock-down energy, by making the tip more broader in diameter….more mass! It will be available in HP, and in the near future, we will introduce a Alloy Ballistic-tipped version of this very long range, stable and accurate Aeromunition round.

***Ballistic-Tipped rounds see/shown, are the .308 AM/STINGER/ABT Aeromunition rounds.