Hello Fellow Airgunners,
I just wanted to let you all know, that we have been working on an accurate and effective .30 projectile, for some time now. Expected weight to be around 55-grain. We are doing this in an effort to provide those that shoot/own .30 Airguns, longer range stability and devastating energy transfer upon impacting intended target.
None of the designs are conventional pellet in shape.
As with all of our Aeromunition rounds, these too must be Field Test proven before being approved for retail sale.
Field Tests will also be performed in .30 Airguns that have choked barrels or barrels that have the “Smooth Twist” feature.
Please note: Our time is extremely limited, but we do devote every spare minute to the above project, as we would like to successfully launch them within 90-days.
Thank you very much!
Happy/Safe Airgunning,
A. Clark
Aeromagnum Aeromunition