To bring you up to speed, this particular Benjamin Bulldog Field Tester had already performed the 50-yards tests and the groups averaged well under 1-inch. Then, he performed the “nervous for everyone”, 100-yard tests. I had asked him: “All under 2-inch groups? Are you happy with them? Ready for retail?

This is his reply:

“Happy on top of Happy!! I was thinking 2″ groups not under 2″ with all of my groups! Time to sell these 99.5-grain Sheridans on the market. The Bulldog loved your Aeromagnums, I love your Aeromagnums, accuracy and smoothness! I’ve never been under 2″ at 100-yds with the Bulldog, and it has a very flat trajectory out to 100-yards. I think I could have done better if I wasn’t rushed and the winds were not gusting and swirling at 10-to-15 mph! I believe that too!”

Tim Shea.

Tim S. is just (1) of (5) Bulldog Field Testers that performed field testing with the new 99.5-grain AM/SHERIDAN/HP by the way, and they all feel it is ready to go to market.

It is also being tested in other .35/9mm Big-bores, and will have data on those tests soon.