Here it is, our new 129-grain Alloy Ballistic-Tipped AM/DEVASTATOR/ABT! Specifically designed to increase long range stability/accuracy, and taking down wild feral hogs, but you can hunt whatever you’d like with them! Will soon be Field Tested, and once data comes back….and is positive….will be available for retail sale. Hope you like them!

Happy/Safe Shooting,
Team Aeromagnum!

To bring you up to speed, this particular Benjamin Bulldog Field Tester had already performed the 50-yards tests and the groups averaged well under 1-inch. Then, he performed the “nervous for everyone”, 100-yard tests. I had asked him: “All under 2-inch groups? Are you happy with them? Ready for retail?

This is his reply:

“Happy on top of Happy!! I was thinking 2″ groups not under 2″ with all of my groups! Time to sell these 99.5-grain Sheridans on the market. The Bulldog loved your Aeromagnums, I love your Aeromagnums, accuracy and smoothness! I’ve never been under 2″ at 100-yds with the Bulldog, and it has a very flat trajectory out to 100-yards. I think I could have done better if I wasn’t rushed and the winds were not gusting and swirling at 10-to-15 mph! I believe that too!”

Tim Shea.

Tim S. is just (1) of (5) Bulldog Field Testers that performed field testing with the new 99.5-grain AM/SHERIDAN/HP by the way, and they all feel it is ready to go to market.

It is also being tested in other .35/9mm Big-bores, and will have data on those tests soon.

Hello Fellow Airgunners,

After 3 months of outdoor Field Tests, using up to (5) different Bulldog Field Testers from all parts of the Country (1 with a tuned Bulldog), we now have an even lighter hollow-point Aeromunition round, that is a great match for the .357 Benjamin Bulldog.

Average groups with various types of weather/wind conditions, are as follows:

  • 50-yard groups averaged under 1-inch!
  • 100-yards produced an average of 1.45-inch groups!

Prototype weight is 99.5-grain, but we are making the HP cavity slightly larger and expect that the production version will weigh closer to 98.5-grain.

We expect that the trajectory will be even more flatter and faster, than was already reported by the Field Testers!
Game will drop….quickly!

It will be designated the “AM/SHERIDAN/HP”.

Production of these will start within the next two weeks.

We are testing this new round in various .35/9mm Big-bore Airguns, and will definitely keep you posted as how they do, and when they will be available!

Thank you very much,and as always….HAPPY/SAFE SHOOTING TO YOU ALL!


The Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC Team!
Hello Fellow Airgunners,

Hope you are all having a great Summer so far!
Just wanted to make sure that all of you Hunters out there that own a .308 BIG-BORE Airgun, know, that our 109-grain AM/STINGER/HP has proven to be a very accurate and effective “slug”….at both short and longe range distances!
If you have a barrel twist rate of 1-14 thru 1-16, and can push a 109-grain projectile to a minimum of 895+fps or better, your .308 Big-bore Air-Rifle has a great chance of being a great match for our 109-grain .308 hollow-point Stinger!
Currently available at AAA and Trenier Outdoors, LLC….soon to be available at Airgun Depot.
Soon, we will introduce the Alloy Ballistic-Tipped version of the 109-grain Stinger….increasing its long range stability, and providing Feral Hog Hunters, with a great Wild Hog eliminator!
To learn more, please visit us at:
Happy/Safe Shooting, from all of us at Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC.
We are 99% sure that we now have a viable slug that you can use in your RAW HM1000x now. One that is magazine friendly and easy to chamber. We will have all data in by weeks end, and are confident we will get the “ideal” results! So, if you would like to have an alternative to pellets, you may soon have it! Will definitely keep you posted.
Happy/Safe Shooting,
 Al Clark/Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC.
We will soon be Field Testing our new line of Alloy Ballistic-Tipped Aeromunition rounds, in the following calibers:
Soon to follow, will be our .45 caliber 259-grain AM/TECUMSEH/ABT!
So far, preliminary tests have proven to be very good.
We look very forward to providing Feral Hog Big-bore Airgun Hunters, with a very effective, accurate and functional Alloy Ballistic-Tipped slug in the very near future!
Happy/Safe Shooting!
Hello Fellow Airgunners,
I just wanted to let you all know that in what little bit of spare time we have, we are currently developing an accurate and effective .25 caliber slug and a .30 caliber slug.
These will be designed to provide longer range stability than that found in a traditional Diablo, skirted, hollow base/skirt pellets, as well as Superior knock-down energy disbursement.
Weights of these new .25 and .30 slugs, will be slightly heavier than that found in a traditional Diablo type pellets, yet light enough for most .25 and .30 Airguns to shoot a bnice, flat trajectory and short enough to fit in most Airguns with a repeater/magazine feature.
Also, designed to work in ALL Airguns, with or without choked barrels or “Smooth Twist” technology.
Please follow us on Facebook for updates on our progress.
The Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC Team.
Hi Al,
I just wanted to keep you posted on 99.5g Aeromunition’s Aeromagnum slugs..I could only get to 50yd range yesterday. Wanted to make sure 100yd good groups are feasible. These are 50 yd best groupings off bags. All groups 5 shots, 2 groups per color, measured center to center with calipers.
Red .356 caliber / Bulldog
1st 5 shot group  .672″
2nd 5 shot group .726″
Blue .358 caliber/ Bulldog
1st 5 shot group .603″
2nd 5 shot group. 619″
Scope used 3-9x40AO umarex
All groups 3000psi fill
Based on ,I can’t believe the numbers !! I am going to continue with 100yd testing!
Al , slugs shoot awesome ! Very flat trajectory out to 50yds +.
Top picture, blue dot .358
Bottom picture red dot .356
50yds  !!!! I have to set up time/ schedule for 100yd testing so I don’t have to rush or move, once I get set up .
Happily. Timothy Shea
Keep on trucking with design!!
AEAC Youtube Channel
I just got word that Airgun Depot has commissioned “Airgun Steve” of the AEAC YouTube channel to make a video presenting the all new and very powerful .357 AirForce Texan and our line of 128-grain AM/DEVASTATOR/HP Aeromunition rounds.

We will also be sending Airgun Steve our newest .35/9mm Aeromunition round: 99.5-grain AM/BABY DEVASTATOR/HP. Just hope its not too light.
Regardless, we here at Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC are very honored….to say the least!

Just gives us even more incentive to provide our Fellow Airgunners….THE ABSOLUTE BEST….when it comes to Big-bore Airgun specific projectiles!
From all of us here at Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC, Happy/Safe, Fun Shooting!

The AM/SPARTAN/FN was designed specifically for use in the Evanix line of .45 Big-bore Tactical Airguns, its light weight provides a nice flat trajectory, the rounded nose provides for a smoother chamber, and its flat tip will provide great energy disbursement upon impacting intended target/game.