AEAC Youtube Channel
I just got word that Airgun Depot has commissioned “Airgun Steve” of the AEAC YouTube channel to make a video presenting the all new and very powerful .357 AirForce Texan and our line of 128-grain AM/DEVASTATOR/HP Aeromunition rounds.

We will also be sending Airgun Steve our newest .35/9mm Aeromunition round: 99.5-grain AM/BABY DEVASTATOR/HP. Just hope its not too light.
Regardless, we here at Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC are very honored….to say the least!

Just gives us even more incentive to provide our Fellow Airgunners….THE ABSOLUTE BEST….when it comes to Big-bore Airgun specific projectiles!
From all of us here at Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC, Happy/Safe, Fun Shooting!