What We Do & Why

At Aeromagnum Aeromunition, our mission from the very start, has been to design, create and cast “slugs”/”pellets”….or what we like to call “Aeromunition”, with second-to-none effectiveness, quality, consistency….and most importantly….accuracy.

Aeromagnum understands that most of the Big-bore Airguns on the market today have an average velocity of 1000-fps or less, and that an Airgun….is still an Airgun (“finicky when it comes to ammo”), regardless of caliber or size, which is why we are committed to designing Aeromunition rounds specifically for use in Big-bore Airguns, in an effort to help your Big-bore provide maximum performance and effectiveness.

An example of Aeromagnum’s commitment to providing the absolute best Big-bore Airgun projectiles possible, is the time and research spent over a 12 month period, testing various lead alloy BHN levels and mixtures, with the help of up to 13 Field Testers from across the country, shooting countless rounds in both summer and winter conditions, and using just about every Big-bore Airgun on the market; which ultimately paid off and enabled us to finally develop our proprietary lead mixture, that has proven to be ideal across the spectrum of Big-bore Airguns.

Understanding that most Big-bore Airguns will be used for the great sport of hunting, all Aeromagnum Aeromunition designs must first be Field Tested to ensure consistent accuracy, effectiveness and increased energy disbursement, before being offered to our Fellow Airgunners.

Hopefully by now, you see, that at Aeromagnum Aeromunition, we truly believe…”that every shot counts”!