We will soon be Field Testing our new line of Alloy Ballistic-Tipped Aeromunition rounds, in the following calibers:
Soon to follow, will be our .45 caliber 259-grain AM/TECUMSEH/ABT!
So far, preliminary tests have proven to be very good.
We look very forward to providing Feral Hog Big-bore Airgun Hunters, with a very effective, accurate and functional Alloy Ballistic-Tipped slug in the very near future!
Happy/Safe Shooting!
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  1. Dan.C
    Dan.C says:

    Hello I have a scandalous john bowman 308 caliber rifle shooting very hot, if your looking for testers for any of your rounds i will be glad to do some, i also have a small youtube channel called Rogue Air weapons USA and I will make and post my findings.
    Thanks and regards
    Dan.C Vermont airgunner

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