Hello Fellow Airgunners,
I just wanted to let you all know that in what little bit of spare time we have, we are currently developing an accurate and effective .25 caliber slug and a .30 caliber slug.
These will be designed to provide longer range stability than that found in a traditional Diablo, skirted, hollow base/skirt pellets, as well as Superior knock-down energy disbursement.
Weights of these new .25 and .30 slugs, will be slightly heavier than that found in a traditional Diablo type pellets, yet light enough for most .25 and .30 Airguns to shoot a bnice, flat trajectory and short enough to fit in most Airguns with a repeater/magazine feature.
Also, designed to work in ALL Airguns, with or without choked barrels or “Smooth Twist” technology.
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The Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC Team.