Hi Al,
I just wanted to keep you posted on 99.5g Aeromunition’s Aeromagnum slugs..I could only get to 50yd range yesterday. Wanted to make sure 100yd good groups are feasible. These are 50 yd best groupings off bags. All groups 5 shots, 2 groups per color, measured center to center with calipers.
Red .356 caliber / Bulldog
1st 5 shot group  .672″
2nd 5 shot group .726″
Blue .358 caliber/ Bulldog
1st 5 shot group .603″
2nd 5 shot group. 619″
Scope used 3-9x40AO umarex
All groups 3000psi fill
Based on ,I can’t believe the numbers !! I am going to continue with 100yd testing!
Al , slugs shoot awesome ! Very flat trajectory out to 50yds +.
Top picture, blue dot .358
Bottom picture red dot .356
50yds  !!!! I have to set up time/ schedule for 100yd testing so I don’t have to rush or move, once I get set up .
Happily. Timothy Shea
Keep on trucking with design!!