Hello Fellow Airgunners,

Hope you are all having a great Summer so far!
Just wanted to make sure that all of you Hunters out there that own a .308 BIG-BORE Airgun, know, that our 109-grain AM/STINGER/HP has proven to be a very accurate and effective “slug”….at both short and longe range distances!
If you have a barrel twist rate of 1-14 thru 1-16, and can push a 109-grain projectile to a minimum of 895+fps or better, your .308 Big-bore Air-Rifle has a great chance of being a great match for our 109-grain .308 hollow-point Stinger!
Currently available at AAA and Trenier Outdoors, LLC….soon to be available at Airgun Depot.
Soon, we will introduce the Alloy Ballistic-Tipped version of the 109-grain Stinger….increasing its long range stability, and providing Feral Hog Hunters, with a great Wild Hog eliminator!
To learn more, please visit us at: www.aeromagnum.com
Happy/Safe Shooting, from all of us at Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC.