Hello Fellow Airgunners,

After 3 months of outdoor Field Tests, using up to (5) different Bulldog Field Testers from all parts of the Country (1 with a tuned Bulldog), we now have an even lighter hollow-point Aeromunition round, that is a great match for the .357 Benjamin Bulldog.

Average groups with various types of weather/wind conditions, are as follows:

  • 50-yard groups averaged under 1-inch!
  • 100-yards produced an average of 1.45-inch groups!

Prototype weight is 99.5-grain, but we are making the HP cavity slightly larger and expect that the production version will weigh closer to 98.5-grain.

We expect that the trajectory will be even more flatter and faster, than was already reported by the Field Testers!
Game will drop….quickly!

It will be designated the “AM/SHERIDAN/HP”.

Production of these will start within the next two weeks.

We are testing this new round in various .35/9mm Big-bore Airguns, and will definitely keep you posted as how they do, and when they will be available!

Thank you very much,and as always….HAPPY/SAFE SHOOTING TO YOU ALL!


The Aeromagnum Aeromunition, LLC Team!